Associate Professor  
    Chemistry Department [email protected]
    St. Norbert College
    DePere, Wisconsin  


    B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics - Alma College, May, 1978

    Ph.D. Physical-Inorganic Chemistry - University of California-Santa Cruz, 1983

    Professional Experience

    August 1983-Present
    Associate Professor, St. Norbert College
    Summer Session 1985-1991
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz
    April 1983-July 1983
    Instructor of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz
    June 1982-September 1982
    Instructor of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz

    Professional Affiliations

    American Chemical Society
    Midwestern Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges

    Professional Activities

    Valencia Community College, 1999
    Editor, "Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry

    Brigham Young University, 2000
    Editor, "Organic Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Techniques"

    Fourth Edition Harcourt College Publishers, 2000
    Reviewer, "Chemistry: Principles and Reactions"

    Prentice Hall, 2000
    Reviewer, "Solutions Manual for Chemistry for McMurry and Fay, 3rd Edition"

    Publications and Presentations

    1. "Time-Temperature Study of High Temperature Deterioration Phenomena in Lubricant Systems: Synthetic Ester Lubricants." L.R. Mahoney, S. Korcek, P.A. Willermet, E.J. Hamilton, Jr., R.K. Jensen, M. Zinbo, S.K. Kandah, J.M. Norbek, and L.A. Scheich. Ford Motor Company Report to the Air Force, October 1, 1979.
    2. "Laboratory Experiments for General Chemistry." Dr. E. Switkes and L.A. Scheich. University of California at Santa Cruz, 1980.
    3. "Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Inorganic Chemistry." L.A. Scheich. University of California at Santa Cruz, 1983
    4. "Relative Reactivity of Tris-(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)-phosphite with Transition Metal Complexes Containing P(III) Ligands." S.M. Williamson, L.A. Scheich. Presented at the Eighth Winter Fluorine Conference, St. Petersburg, Florida, January, 1987.
    5. "The Carboxamide Group of the Aminoalaninamide Moiety of Bleomycin is not Coordinated to Copper in Cu(II)-Bleomycin at Physiological pH" was published in Inorganic Chemistry April 1991. L.A Scheich, P. Gosling, S.J. Brown and P.K. Mascharak.
    6. "Laboratory Experiments for CH 107" L.A. Scheich. St. Norbert College, 1998
    7. "Labs on Demands", electronic database of general chemistry experiments, EMCParadigm Custom Publishers, St. Paul, MN. 1999

    Professional Presentations

    Outreach Programs

    Presented over fifty "Chemistry Magic Shows" at local elementary and middle schools since 1993.