Professor of Polymer Science (601)266-4871     
    Department of Polymer Science (601)266-5504     
    University of Southern Mississippi [email protected]     
    Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0076  


    University of Iowa, Dubuque, IA; B.S. (with honors), Chemistry, 1971
    University of Michigan, Dearborn,MI, M.S., Chemistry, 1974
    University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI, Ph.D., 1976

    Professional Experience

    1989 -present
    Professor, Department of Polymer Science, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
    1983 - 1989
    Associate Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
    1981 - 1983
    Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
    1977 - 1981
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Auburn University
    1976 - 1977
    Post-doctoral Research Fellow and DHEW Trainee, University of California-San Diego, La Jolla, California

    Professional Affiliations

    American Chemical Society and its Divisions of: Polymer Chemistry, Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, Chemical Education, Organic Chemistry; Sigma Xi, Mississippi Academy of Science

    Professional Activities

    Over $5 million over last 18 years
    Over 200 refereed papers
    Referee for:
    Journal of Polymer Science; Macromolecules; Makromolecular Chemie; Reactive Polymers; National Science Foundation; Journal of the American Chemical Society; Industrial and Engineering Chemistry; Petroleum Research Fund of the ACS; Member, Editorial Boards of: Journal of Polymer Science, Chemistry; Macromolecular Syntheses; Polymer Composites
    Contributing Editor, Polymer News; Faculty Member, 1984 Mississippi Governor's School Recipient; Visiting Professor, University of Northern Iowa, April 9-11, 1985; 1988 USM Applied Research Award; Co-organizer, Symposium on Advances in Polymer Characterization, Honolulu, Hawaii, December, 1989; Chairman, Mississippi Section, American Chemical Society, 1991; 1994 USM Basic Research Award

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