As a little baby, most everything we see looks new. Lots of times, you'll see babies or toddlers looking at things with their Big Eyes. "Big Eyes" to me means looking at something a little more closely to see if I really know and understand what I'm looking at.

For example, if you scoop up a jar full of pond water, there's not a whole lot you can see looking at it with "Little Eyes", but if you were to look at it with a magnifying glass or "Big Eyes", you would probably see all sorts of little creatures in that water.

You may also look in the yard or in a garden with "Big Eyes" and see all sorts of tiny little mites and insects, things you have never noticed before.

You may see different patterns and new colors in a flower petal or look more closely at a bug or butterfly to see the amazing detail of their wings or antenna. This is a great project for little ones, but it also reminds all other ages of the beauty and delicate workings of the world that we miss by looking at things with our "Little Eyes".

Materials Needed:

Prelude to "Big Eyes" Activity

Click here for some gif files that you can print out or show on your computer screen of things that have been magnified and photographed. Try to guess what they are.

Using Your Notebook