Make Your Own Polymer

The Fun Part: B E C R E A T I V E

In the Macrogalleria, go to LEVEL 3: HOW POLYMERS WORK, read the section on Miscible Blends to find out more about how polymers are combined with each other. Then go to the other Macrogalleria pages -- especially Level 2 - and find two polymers with different properties that you might like to have in one polymer. Decide a unique use for your new polymer. Why would it need to have the properties you have chosen? Now, give your new polymer a name based on the names of its component polymers.

The Other Fun Part: Be Scientific . . and C R E A T I V E

Now, do some research. First try to find out if two polymers you have chosen can be blended and how it would have to be done. If it can be done, find out if someone has done it yet. If they have, what is the name of the actual polymer that was created and what are its uses?

Teacher's Notes