Kids' Macrogalleria Animation Gallery

Dipeptide Synthesis Cartoon
Two amino acids join together to make a dipeptide. (cartoon)
Dipeptide Synthesis
Two amino acid structures combine to make a dipeptide. (black & white molecular structures)
Tripeptide Synthesis
Drag amino acid structures to make a tripeptide. (text and molecular structures)
Hexapeptide Synthesis Cartoon
Drag amino acid cartoons to make a hexapeptide. (cartoon)
Ethylene Synthesis
(vp_eth.htm; ethylene.swf)
Beginning with an initiator, grab ethylene monomers to build a polyethylene segment. (text and molecular structures)
Nylon Synthesis
This interactive cartoon shows a diamine and a diacid reacting to form nylon. Watch their hands - red acid + blue amine = purple amide bond - water (bloop!)
Glucose Isomers
α-D-Glucose interconverts to its open chain form and then to its β- form. (These are skeletal structures that show the atoms active in the interconversion.)
Cellulose Synthesis
Cellulose is built by enzymes. The first enzyme combines two glucose molecules to form cellobiose. The second enzyme adds cellobiose to the growing cellulose chain. (cartoon)
Carbon's Orbitals
On an x-y-z axis, atomic orbitals fade in (1s, 2s, 2p), then hybridize to sp3 orbitals.

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