Polydelphia Fire Department

Response or Incident Report

PO Box 123 Polydelphia, Mississippi 45678 Ph. (601)123-0001 (Emergency Calls Only)


Date of Incident: March 6, 2001
Time of Call: 7:30 PM _____
Time Out: 7:42 PM______
Time In: 9:05 PM______

Type of Incident:
  • _X_ Structure Fire
  • ___ Auto fire
  • ___ Brush Fire
  • ___ False Alarm
  • ___ Auto Accident
  • ___ Medical Assisstance
  • ___ Search & Rescue
  • ___ MISC.

Location Responded To:__The Polydelphia Playhouse Theater, Polydelphia, MS________________________

Owner/Occupant Name:__Neil Peckinpaugh_________Phone#:__555-5432___

Mailing Address:__321 Polymer Dr._____City/St/Zip:__Polydelphia, MS 45678___

Situation Upon Arrival:__The electronic dimmer control room was on fire. The door was locked. Someone had disconnected the electricity before we arrived. ________________________________________________________________________________

Actions Taken:__We used an axe to break down the door. Water was used to put the fire out. There was a pile of clothes on the floor that led us to believe arson was involved. The Fire Investigator was called and the area secured._____________________

Department Equipment Used:_X_Pumper _X_Tanker _X_Rescue ___Units from other department

Notes or Comments:_Wanda Williams was injured while she disconnected the cables to the electric dimmer control room. She was taken to Polydelphia General Hospital. There was a pile of clothes on the floor at the base of the dimmer packs.___These clothes were obviously out of place. The Janitor, Buster Kidman, said that flamable objects were never left in the room. This is the reason arson was suspected. I have included a list of the people that were in the building at the time of the fire.___________

Names of People Present at the Scene:
  1. Neil Peckinpaugh, owner
  2. Wanda Williams, actress
  3. Ric Harris, Director
  4. Javier Sanchez, Stage Manager
  5. Bill Bleam, first fireman on scene
  6. Buster Kidman, Janitor- he was here early this morning
Paul Lemur's Notes