The Kids' Macrogalleria: A Cyberwonderland of Polymer Fun
Paul Lemur and his friend Monomer looking at a map of the Kids' Macrogalleria

Welcome to the Kids' Macrogalleria!

Here you can learn all kinds of cool stuff about polymers!

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Paul Lemur's Page
What is a Polymer? What Is a Polymer?
...what polymers are
(and atoms too)
and why they act
the way they do...
Where? Where Are Polymers? the mall or up a tree,
in a ball or in the sea -
so many places they can be!
Level 2 Types of Polymers
...their names are here and how they're used,
and if they're hard or just go ooooze...
Some are soft, some tough and strong,
and others stretch to very l--o--n--g--!
Making Stuff Making Stuff
...films and chunky things, fibers and foams,
slimy or layered or molded alone,
things made so strong that they won't fall apart,
you'll even find polymers made from the start!
Level 4 Polymers in Action
... great games to play and fun things to try, with secrets and slimes plus notes that say why the polymers act just the way that they do, and even see how they make music with you!

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