Dreyfus Summer Project
University of Southern Mississippi
Polymer Science Department

July 9-14, 2000

Participants Schools Emails
Dr. Lon J. Mathias,
USM Polymer Science
Hattiesburg, MS
[email protected]
James Brownlow George County HS
Lucedale, MS
[email protected]
Patricia DePra Westfield State College
Westfield, MA
[email protected]
Jeff Feidler Claymont School
Claymont, DE
[email protected]
Wayne Goates Goddard Middle School
Goddard, KS
[email protected]
Mary Harris John Burroughs School
St. Louis, MO
[email protected]
Lynn Higgins Proviso East HS
Maywood, IL
[email protected]
Ken S. Lee Jackson State Univ.
Jackson, MS
[email protected]
Lauri M. McDonald Hattiesburg HS
Hattiesburg, MS
[email protected]
Eddie Spalding Petal High School
Petal, MS
[email protected]
Gina Watkiss The Heritage School
Newnan, GA
[email protected]

Comments You Might Hear
  • I have shoes to match the color of my page.
  • Karie, this won't work...
  • Mary, you distract her while I steal the mints.
  • Did you know these wrappers are cellulose acetate?
  • How was golf, Ken?
  • I'd shrink you, but I don't have a big enough bag!
  • Nothing we're doing here is "mission critical."
  • Something about a bumble bee and spelling words all over the place.
  • Nancy...now what's wrong?
  • If it's congealed salad, its got to have mayonnaise next to it.
  • I need to be a ham! I need my fix!
  • Twelve-hour days for two weeks might be a little much, don't you think?
  • You know, there's a children's literature book about that...
  • Patti, did you stain that table with your jell-o?
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