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Where did it all start?

Tim Berners-Lee, at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) near Geneva, Switzerland, penned a proposal in 1989 for a hypertext document system (which was labeled "The Worldwide Web") in October of 1990. Berners-Lee also wrote the first web software, which was a web server package that ran on the NeXT computer, and served text documents.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) was designed to be easy.  Back in those days the Internet was still young, relatively few people even knew it existed, and (most importantly) it was almost entirely text-based (i.e. NO PICTURES!).  That was a bore, so with a single paper, Tim Berners-Lee coined the phrase "World Wide Web", defined the "engine" to make it work, and created the first web server.  Not bad for a day´s work at the office!

And what made it so great was the fact that HTML was so simple, almost anyone could write web pages.

What follows is a very brief introduction to HTML.  Click on the navigation buttons on the left, and work your way down.