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<a href="http://the address of the page">Put in the name of the link that the person will click</a>

</body>(This ends your text)

</html>(This ends your document)

Now you are almost ready to gather up the information you feel is worth sharing and share it!
You should write your HTML in a program like Word Pad, or any text program that allows you to save your file with no formatting, like margins.

To make this document available on the Web you will need to find a server to carry your page.

Home Page: If you are at a university, inquire about an e-mail account. Once you set that up you are ready to go. Please talk with whoever runs the server and ask if they recommend a certain format for setting up your web page files.

Log in to your account. When your login and password clear you will get a prompt of some kind (probably Unix$). If it asks what is your terminal type, just hit enter.

If you attend the University of Southern Mississippi, when you get the Unix prompt ($) type the word "spinweb" and hit enter.This will set up your index.htm file where your generic pre-fab web page will reside.
You can keep the existing HTML or modify it however you want.
Jump down to Control X

This is what I did:

Type in: mkdir public_html (this creates a folder for your document and images); now hit Enter

Next Type in: chmod 744(or 755) public_html (this makes your page editable); now hit Enter

Next Type in: pico index.htm (pico is your editor, and index.htm is the actual page); again hit Enter

Start typing your HTML Some Universities will give you a basic page template. Great! If you aren't so lucky, start typing. You'll be better for it in the end. (I sound like a Mom, don't I.)

Control X - to exit and save. Follow the instructions. Yes or No to save, then hit Enter when it gives you index.htm as where to save the document.

Logout and hit Enter.

Go to a browser and enter"http://(your computer account)/~(your e-mail login name)/"[i.e.](however you had it set up through the university e-mail. Call for assistance if you have problems)

If everything was typed in correctly, you should be able to view your page.

To edit: log in again and this time:

Type in: cd public_html (this accesses your folder); hit Enter

Type in: pico index.htm (this is where you created your document); hit Enter

Be careful to review your changes before saving.

Web Pages for Work: There should be a server at your place of employment, ask how they set up files on their server.

To learn how others are doing things just select the following from the menu at the top of the browser page: view>page source to see the code.

Happy hunting!



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